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Winding Forest Road

Who We Are

Waffle Forest is a 501(c)3 non-profit and natural resource conservation organization founded in 2021. To restore lands, combat water scarcity, improve soil health, sustainable ecosystem and food security, while reducing carbon emission, and air/water pollution, Waffle Forest focuses on tree planting, high-tech eco-forest and other greening initiatives in Arizona and beyond. Our mission and value is driven by implementing and integrating novel nature-based solutions and innovative emerging technologies including nanotechnology and TreeTalker remote sensing, among others, to reverse desertification and plant self-sustaining eco-forest, mitigating climate change with positive impacts on agriculture, water and energy sectors.

Team Members

Chris Henderson

Marketing Director

Riccardo Valentini, PhD

Advisory Board

William Masten


Jordan Hubbard

Arborist & Board

Mo Segad, PhD

CSO & Board Chair

Jim Yates, PhD

Advisory Board

Colin Bitterfield


LTC Robert O'Grady


Ernest Lerma

Founder/ CEO

Anthony Romeo


Randy Blake


J Scott Vinson

Director Ethics & Media

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