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Discover the worlds first eco-friendly, carbon reducing smart-forest.

What is Waffle Forest ?

Waffle Forest is an innovative and ambitious project that seeks to create the world's first eco-friendly, self-sustaining, and carbon-reducing tech forest. Led by entrepreneur and innovator Ernest Lerma, this project aims to combat desertification and improve the environment in Phoenix, Arizona. With a deep-rooted passion for making a change in his community, Lerma draws inspiration from his own upbringing in a poor, underdeveloped neighborhood in South Phoenix. His mission is to harness the power of technology and innovation to positively impact marginalized communities in the United States and make the world a better place.

Our Impact

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We identify dilapidated landfills and other unused waste land to reclaim for use as green spaces.

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Families and companies can adopt a tree. Plaques with a QR code will prompt visits to a dedicated webpage with family or company information, history, photos, etc.

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Using hearty desert species, plant 10- to 20-foot trees on the site in a 15- by 15- foot-square grid pattern (hence the name Waffle Forest).

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TreeTalkers collect data from several physiological signals to monitor water usage from roots to leaves, soil health, insect/fungal attacks, and record carbon absorption for scientific study.

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Our exclusive TreeTalkers monitor water use, carbon absorption, and other important natural functions using a series of detectors attached to each tree. TreeTalkers send data to a secure dedicated server hourly.

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Numerous studies show developing natural, green spaces has a measurably positive effect on the health of individuals, families, and communities.

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Atmpspheric water generators technology uses the sun to extract clean, pollutant-free water from the air to be stored in reservoirs and used to water the tech forest.

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Waffle Forest's nursery in Arizona combines traditional horticulture with cutting-edge technology, housing a diverse selection of trees and state-of-the-art vertical farming towers. Experience sustainable living, tree sales, maintenance, and fresh produce all under one roof. 

Watering Waffle Forest Using
Humidity From The Air 

Atmospheric water generators (AWGs) are a sustainable solution for providing water in dry and arid climates. These machines work by extracting humidity from the air and converting it into potable water. Each generator can produce up to 280 gallons of water per day, making them an essential component of Waffle Forest's efforts to sustain its tech-forest in the desert climate of Phoenix, Arizona. Partnering with Tsunami Products, we aim to build the perfect AWG system to help create a sustainable habitat for our trees. This technology not only helps us to conserve water, but it also ensures that our forest is self-sufficient and does not rely on external water sources. This is an important aspect of our efforts to create an eco-friendly and sustainable tech-forest.

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We Talk To Trees

"Tree Talk Technology" a series of detectors which transform eco physiological signals such as soil health, growth absorption of carbon dioxide, liquid flow from roots to leaves and to scientific information. The information could reveal when a tree is under attack from insects or fungi, or any dangerous vitals the Waffle sends that information to the forest management to take action right away to control the threat. TT technology was developed by Dr. Riccardo Valentini. He received the 2007 Nobel Peace Price for his activities within the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  Dr. Riccardo Valentini is working with Waffle Forest to help develop our tree talker technology to provide a "decision support framework for environmental management.  

Why We Do It 


Waffle Forest works with metropolitan cities, neighborhoods, and areas to curate the design of a unique green-space in place of decrepit and forgotten realty. 


Through a process of reforestation accompanied with F-I-T, Waffle Forest reduces carbon emissions and improves air quality at a rapid rate


Waffle Forest is committed to aiding and correcting the environmental, financial, and aesthetic disadvantages in low-income, metropolitan neighborhoods whom suffer most (physical health, psychological development, community appreciation) as a result of proximity to the destitute landscapes.


"Desert Dew" Waffle Forest uses generators to extract clean, pollutant-free water from the air (AWG) to be stored in reservoirs and used to water the Forest.

Our Story 

Join Our Movement 


Jill Nichols

“I think what Waffle Forest is doing is incredible. As a retired news writer for Arizona I have never seen an organization really care about beautifying the city, and attacking the carbon emissions problem lie they do.

Tom Smithenson

“Planting a 10,000 tree tech-forest that removes carbon emissions seems like something they would do in Dubai not in America. It is exciting to see a forest in the desert .”

Tilly Green

“Planting a forest and removing carbon emissions is something for our future generations. Imagine how amazing this will look in 50 years.”

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